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How we make the best long HDMI cable.

Any HDMI® cable greater than 3mt (10ft) is considered a long HDMI cable.

The further an HDMI signal has to travel on a long HDMI cable, the greater the likelyhood of signal degradation.

Some people assume that as HDMI signals are digital, either the cable works or not. Sometimes however the 1s and 0s aren't all there because of signal degradation due to inferior cable construction in longer cables. This can be especially true with audio and video sources such as CDs and DVDs. The signal will degrade gracefully, to a point and then it will break up. Music and video is not like data. Digital signal processors can work with a degraded signal and deliver less than perfect sound and pictures.
You will see this as drop outs and sparkles on the screen. Once you see this you know your cable is close to failing.

Long HDMI cables need to be manufactured using top quality materials and superior build and quality control processes. At HDMI Systems we believe that we have perfected this process in our 5mt (16ft) and 10mt (32ft) HDMI cables. Here is what makes our cables different:

  • Every cable is individually tested after production - ensures 100% performance.
  • 24 AWG Silver plated 7-strand Oxygen free conductors - ensures maximum signal transmission.
  • 3 levels of shielding; copper, aluminium and mylar - ensures less crosstalk and EMI interference.
  • Passive equalizer technology employed - ensures greater signal distance before degradation.
  • High density contant thickness polyethylene insulation - reduces harmonic signal distortion.
  • 24 karat gold 3 micron thick plated connectors - reduces signal degradation due to corrosion.

You can purchase a long HDMI cable from The-Cable-Store.com knowing you are getting  a precision made product that will deliver superior performance.

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Pearl HDMI Cable 5.0 metre (16 Foot)


Heavy guage wire makes this HDMI cable ideal for long distances.

  • High speed - 24 AWG - 9.2 mm cable.
  • Standard type A to standard type A connectors.
  • Gold plated connectors to resist corrosion.
  • CL2 flame rated rated outer jacket suitable for in wall use with most building standards.

Pearl HDMI Cable 10 metre (32 foot)


Our longest HDMI cable. Suitable for in wall use.

  • High Speed - 24 AWG - 9.2 mm cable.
  • Type A to type A connectors for standard devices.
  • Gold plated connectors to resist corrosion.
  • CL2 flame rated outer jacket suitable for in wall use with most building standards.